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Is Smartsheet the Right Software Solution for You?

Smartsheet is a highly versatile, spreadsheet-centric software program with a robust set of functionalities. It’s popularly utilized for work management, collaboration, and CRM activities. As a testament to its virtually unlimited flexibility, it’s used by a vast spectrum of organizations, including Apple, P&G, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Kaiser Permanente, and American Express.

But Smartsheet isn’t for everyone. Over the years, we’ve learned that this software is better suited for some organizations over others. Keep reading to learn more about whether Smartsheet is a good fit for you.

Smartsheet Review:
Our Experts Weigh In

Smartsheet is ideal for groups of any size who need to stress function over aesthetics, especially extremely large teams (250+ licensed users) with complex workflows or a large number of actions. It’s widely used by government entities, and 96 of the Fortune 100 companies use Smartsheet. Smartsheet tends to be a great fit for users who are comfortable working with Excel.

Get Smartsheet Help from Our U.S.-Based Smartsheet Consulting Experts

If your Smartsheet software isn’t properly configured for your business, you could be missing out on potential revenue or wasting valuable resources. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a large Fortune 100 company, our software experts will make sure Smartsheet is the right fit for you and help you maximize it to its fullest potential.

The features we like most about Smart Sheet

  • Extremely robust in its capabilities, features, and functionalities
  • On the Enterprise Plan, it’s the only platform that truly has unlimited restrictions, integrations, and functionalities, whereas other software tools are capped
  • Offers the least restrictions on automations, integrations, forms, and more
  • The granularity of task details and task management is superior to almost every other platform
  • Offers the best features and granularity of details in setting up and running Gantt charts
  • Its user interface, with a similar look and feel to spreadsheets, can be comforting to users who are experienced in using Excel
  • Extremely good customer service
Increase Efficiency and ROI with Custom Smartsheet Implementation

Our process — which involves getting an in-depth knowledge of your business on the front end — is what sets us apart. 

Step 1: Deep Dive

Our team gains an intimate understanding of what your business is doing now and where you see it in the future.

Step 2: Software Implementation

We build a comprehensive infrastructure plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to go in the future.

Step 3: Implementation & Training

Unlike other software consulting companies, we train and implement at the same time to keep things as simple as possible for users.

Step 4: Personalized, U.S.-Based Support

There’s no need to call your software program’s customer service line when you partner with us. Just contact your own personal team at Black Badger for support. Because we know your platform, workflow lines, and business inside and out, you can ensure you get the best service.

Curious if Smartsheet is right for you? Our software experts will recommend a software solution based on your unique business needs. Contact our team today for a free software consultation.

Convinced Smartsheet is the perfect fit for you?

Our loyalty is to our customers, not to our software platforms

That’s why we work with an extensive suite of off-the-shelf products — so we can find the software that’s the best fit for your process, instead of trying to shove a square peg in a round hole.

Custom software solutions for your business

Our philosophy is that you should never bend your business to fit the software — the software should fit your needs. Our detailed knowledge of the programs we work with allows us to create a custom solution within your platform based on your unique business model and processes.

Scalable solutions for the future

We take the time to understand your business now — and also where it’s going, saving you time and money as your business evolves.

Streamline your technology and save on costs

Our software experts will make sure you’re using the right tools and configurations for your business that will truly increase efficiency.

Smartsheet Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smartsheet better than Excel?

While Smartsheet and Excel have a similar user interface, Smartsheet is a far more robust and versatile work management tool. For instance, Smartsheet offers more intuitive features to track, automate, and scale to project management, CRM, and other needs that aren’t otherwise available to Excel users.

What is Smartsheet good for?

Due to its unmatched flexibility, Smartsheet can be used for virtually any work management need. It is especially useful for large organizations who need to manage a large number of functionalities. However, just because it can be used by anyone doesn’t mean it should be. While the features and functionalities can be matched to almost any vertical or process, it’s not always the perfect fit because there could be a faster or better solution in another platform. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced software consultant who can recommend the best technology solution for your organization.

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