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Wrike Project Management Software Consulting Services

As an official Wrike Partner, we are experts in implementing Wrike software. Keep reading to learn more about Wrike pros and cons, which teams benefit the most from Wike, and how implementation consulting can help you make the most of this popular software.

Is Wrike the Right Software Solution for You?

Wrike is one of the leading solutions on the market for work management software, used by more than 20,000 organizations across the globe, from Walmart Canada to the Texas Rangers, and Fitbit to the University of New South Wales. With its robust customization features, Wrike can come with a bit of a learning curve and a bit of a higher price tag.

It took some time for our own team to acclimate to Wrike, but once we did, it became one of our favorite platforms. Keep reading to learn more about Wrike and whether or not it’s the best fit for your own team.

Wrike Project Management Review: What Our Team Has to Say

Wrike Software: Who It’s For

Wrike is a great platform for teams of all sizes looking for a comprehensive solution to work management. It’s particularly well-suited for marketing teams, agencies, and professional service providers. Creative teams love how Wrike allows users to comment directly on shared assets, making collaboration easy and streamlining the approval process. Wrike’s abundance of features also makes it easy to manage departments and functions across large businesses, so if you’re looking to break down silos on an enterprise level, Wrike software is a great way to do that.

What Makes Wrike Different?

There are more work management tools out there than ever on the market these days, especially as teams have transitioned from in-office to hybrid or remote models of work. At first glance, Wrike software might look similar to tools like Asana or — and in many ways it offers similar functionalities — but it’s unique in several respects. For instance, Wrike is very well-suited for marketing and creative teams, which can manage entire projects from start to finish within the platform with unprecedented collaboration capabilities. Wrike’s customization abilities are also more robust than you’ll find with other tools, making it perfect for large organizations or teams with very specific processes.

Get Wrike Help from Our U.S.-Based Consulting Experts

When implemented properly, Wrike can save your team hours. Take, for instance, Fitbit, who estimates they’ve saved at least 200 hours per year in launch prep time thanks to Wrike.

But if Wrike isn’t properly customized to your business, you could be wasting valuable resources or missing out on potential revenue due to inefficiencies. That’s where our team comes in. Our software experts will, first, make sure Wrike is the right fit for you, and then help you maximize it to its fullest potential.

Our loyalty is to our customers, not to our software platforms

That’s why we work with an extensive suite of off-the-shelf products — so we can find the software that’s the best fit for your process, instead of trying to shove a square peg in a round hole.

Custom software solutions for your business

Our philosophy is that you should never bend your business to fit the software — the software should fit your needs. Our detailed knowledge of the programs we work with allows us to create a custom solution within your platform based on your unique business model and processes.

Scalable solutions for the future

We take the time to understand your business now — and also where it’s going, saving you time and money as your business evolves.

Streamline your technology and save on costs

Our software experts will make sure you’re using the right tools and configurations for your business that will truly increase efficiency.

The features we like most about Wrike

  • Assigning tasks and tracking the status of each task is very simple
  • Easy to integrate with popular tools such as Box, Adobe Creative Cloud, GitHub, Jia, Lyft, and Google
  • Known for its industry-leading enterprise-level security
  • Project insights are displayed on a single screen
  • Offers customized reports and dashboards
  • Boasts an intuitive user interface
  • Includes timeline development, editing, updating
  • Allows for campaign management
  • Offers Gantt charts and kanban boards
  • Offers a snapshot of to-dos
  • Includes a PDF editor
  • Really wonderful customer service

Our Wrike Implementation Process

Our process — which involves getting an in-depth knowledge of your business on the front end — is what sets us apart. 

Step 1: Deep Dive

Our team gains an intimate understanding of what your business is doing now and where you see it in the future.

Step 2: Software Implementation Plan

We build a comprehensive infrastructure plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to go in the future.

Step 3: Implementation & Training

Unlike other software consulting companies, we train and implement at the same time to keep things as simple as possible for users.

Step 4: Personalized, U.S.-Based Support

There’s no need to call your software program’s customer service line when you partner with us. Just contact your own personal team at Black Badger for support. Because we know your platform, workflow lines, and business inside and out, you can ensure you get the best service.

Curious if Wrike is right for you? Our software experts will recommend a software solution based on your unique business needs. Contact our team today for a free software consultation.

Convinced Wrike is the perfect fit for you?

Wrike Project Management Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wrike used for?

Wrike is a project management tool used to manage and streamline all different types of workflows for departments of all kinds. It offers a comprehensive list of highly customizable tools and feature sets. From Kanban charts to custom dashboards, timesheets to workload management, Wrike covers all your bases.

Is Wrike an Agile tool?
With its Kanban board software, which allows for custom workflows for specific processes, Wrike is a powerful Agile tool. And with its tracking and sharing functionalities, Wrike makes it easy to manage sprints, prioritize backlog tasks, and track progress with visibility for all team members.
Is Wrike a CRM?
Wrike can be set up as a simple CRM, but it’s not a dedicated CRM platform; Wrike is a work management tool that is best paired with your existing CRM. If you’re looking for a CRM, our team can help you find the best solution for your particular business.
Is Wrike easy to learn?
Wrike can come with a bit of a learning curve, especially with all of its custom workflows and automation capabilities. However, once this software is implemented, it’s not difficult for users to acclimate to. Its user interface is a simple one, and Wrike doesn’t take any technical knowledge to navigate. Especially for larger businesses or businesses of any size with specific processes, it’s usually a good idea to partner with a software implementation consultant to customize and set up Wrike. After this step, it’s easy to train employees on using it.
Is Wrike or Asana better?

Both Asana and Wrike are popularly used as PM tools, but we think Asana is better suited for task management rather than general project management. While Asana’s user interface is among the most aesthetic and user-friendly out there, it offers the least amount of functionality compared to platforms like Wrike. If you’re looking for custom workflows and more advanced processes, Wrike is your better bet. Take a look at our Asana page to get a better idea of what this tool has to offer. Better yet, you can schedule a free consultation with our team, and we’ll let you know what we think would be a better fit for your unique situation.

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