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Zoho One Consulting Services

Are you interested in Zoho One? As an official Zoho Partner, our team is highly experienced with Zoho’s applications. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of Zoho One, who it’s best suited for, and how our Zoho software consulting services can help you make the most of this highly popular software.

What Is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a robust suite of more than 60 online software products which together serve as a single ecosystem for operating an entire business on the cloud. But while it can be used for any business, it doesn’t mean it should be. Keep reading to learn more about whether Zoho One is a good fit for you.

What is the difference between Zoho and Zoho One?

Zoho is a private global software company known for its robust offering of online applications for businesses. Zoho One is its suite of integrated products available for a low monthly subscription cost.

The Features we like most about Zoho

  • A one-stop-shop of scalable solutions for all your business needs, it includes everything your business could need
  • Available at an incredibly low price, it offers the bang for your buck
  • Allows you to manage any business of any size with full customization down to every detail in every aspect
  • Offers some of the best integrations

Our Zoho Implementation Process

Our process — which involves getting an in-depth knowledge of your business on the front end — is what sets us apart. 

Step 1: Deep Dive

Using data extraction and process documentation, we get an intimate understanding of what your business is doing now and where you see it in the future. By knowing your business dream, we can help you build a path to it.

Step 2: Software Implementation Plan

We build a comprehensive infrastructure plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to go in the future. This plan of attack includes all the software platforms you’ll use, how and when they’ll be implemented, and the expected costs. By knowing the full plan upfront, you can eliminate double-work in the future.

Step 3: Implementation & Training

Unlike other software consulting companies, we train and implement at the same time. This ensures we keep things as simple as possible for end users, whose knowledge will grow with the software.

Step 4: Personalized Service

There’s no need to call your software program’s customer service line. Just contact your own personal team at Black Badger for help desk solutions, onboarding new users, training videos on how to use your own custom platform, and more. Because we know your platform, workflow lines, and business inside and out, you can ensure you get the best service.

Curious if Zoho is right for you? Our software experts will recommend a software solution based on your unique business needs. Contact our team today for a free software consultation.

Convinced Zoho is the perfect fit for you?

What Do You Get with Zoho One?

What’s included in Zoho One? Zoho One is a suite of more than 60 office products for your entire organization. Select a category to explore the top apps that are included in Zoho One and learn what you can do with them.

S  a  l  e  s

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice selection and the customer relationship management software of choice by over 250,000 companies in 180 countries. With Canvas, users can redesign the user interface to specific customizations without writing any code. The platform also allows for easy customization, omnichannel communication with customers including real-time notifications when customers are engaging with your business, and the ability to automate and streamline the lead nurturing process.


This pipeline-centric CRM is designed for small businesses, especially ones that are currently using spreadsheets to manage their pipeline and customer relationships. A PC Mag Editors’ Choice selection, Bigin offers a user-friendly, intuitive UI and workflow.


Sites is a website builder that creates beautiful, customized templates quickly and without having to write any code. It also seamlessly integrates with other Zoho apps, such as Zoho CRM to manage site visitor information and Zoho SalesIQ for chat support.


Zoho’s online scheduler syncs with your calendars and allows customers to self-schedule and pay for their appointments. You can integrate with your preferred online meeting platform and set up automated email and text reminders, and the user interface is customizable for your industry.


Used by over 465,000 companies, Zoho SalesIQ is a robust digital customer engagement program — that is, a live chat tool — for marketing, sales, and support teams. Features include automated triggers for specified scenarios, customized chatbots to answer users’ basic questions, full context for every prospect, seamless integration with your CRM, a user-friendly bird’s-eye monitoring dashboard, the ability to switch to audio call easily, and much more..

M  a  r  k  e  t  i  n  g


Zoho’s email marketing software, Campaigns allows users to create a personalized, responsive email design with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Features include automation, option to add interactive elements such as surveys and video, the ability to set up drip campaigns, send-time optimization, and domain authentication to enhance deliverability.


Looking for a one-stop solution for social media management? You’ve found your tool with Zoho’s Social, an application that allows users to schedule unlimited posts and monitor mentions and engagement. The app includes an intuitive content calendar, a dashboard with multiple real-time listening columns, optimal posting time predictions, and top-notch social analytic reports that come pre-built or can be customized to your needs.


Zoho’s Survey app allows you to easily and quickly create surveys customized to the look and feel of your brand that can reach recipients on any device. The application comes with over 25 question types and results can be viewed in graphic form in real time and in customizable reports. Zoho’s SSL protection also makes sure surveys are safe and private.


Zoho Forms allows you to create beautiful forms without having to write any code. Users can choose from over 30 field types and customizable themes. The forms can be embedded and shared through all your preferred channels, and users can easily view, sort, analyze, and export the data. UTM tracking and form analytics allows for easy conversion tracking


Zoho’s conversion optimization and personalization platform, PageSense helps you measure web performance, analyze user behavior, and personalize your website’s experience to your users to increase conversion. It also integrates seamlessly with other Zoho and third-party applications such as Zoho Sites, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Kissmetrics, and Intercom.


Do you host events? Zoho Backstage helps businesses plan and manage conferences, meetups, and product launches. Its many features include the ability to build a multilingual website and app for your event, easy registration and ticketing, sponsorship management, and event metrics tracking in a single dashboard. Additionally, Zoho Backstage OnAir allows users to host virtual events online, livecast, interact with virtual attendees, and more.

Marketing Automation

Zoho Marketing Automation is a one-stop-shop marketing automation platform that helps you manage all of your marketing initiatives across all channels in one place. Features include lead management, personalizing marketing for your audiences, easy marketing planning, insights into ROI, and the ability to build custom paths for your customers.


Do you run a retail business? Zoho Commerce offers a robust set of functionalities including tools for building an ecommerce website, order management, inventory tracking, shipping integration, payment processing, and data reporting.

S  u  p  p  o  r  t


More than 50,000 businesses use Zoho Desk as their omnichannel customer service management solution. With Desk, you can manage customer conversations across all channels, automate and manage complex service processes, and offer customers self-service options such as a knowledge base, user community, and the AI-powered assistant Zia.


Assist is Zoho’s cloud-based remote support application that helps businesses remotely access customers’ devices anywhere across the globe easily in order to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues more efficiently. This is a great tool for customer support teams as well as IT Help Desks.


Lens is Zoho’s augmented reality remote assistance software, popularly used for resolving issues, such as problems with machinery and equipment, by connecting with the user’s smartphone camera at their location. It is used by a wide range of industries including maintenance and repair, health care, manufacturing, automotive, and construction.

H  R


People is a robust HR application used to streamline HR operations and improve the employee experience. Features include an employee database, automated HR workflows, time and attendance tracking, performance management, associate learning and development capabilities, smart analytics, and much more.


Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking system used to simplify the hiring process for staffing agencies, corporate HR departments, and for temp agencies. Its many features include running background checks, automating the recruitment process, sending offer letters, temp job scheduling, and a temp worker portal.


Connect is Zoho’s robust intranet solution for the digital workplace. The application allows companies to share vital information, company newsletters, and important updates to all your employees in one place. Feeds allow employees to receive and share information as well as exchange ideas with colleagues. The application can also be used to store your company’s resource library, host online town hall meetings, conduct employee surveys, create comprehensive training programs, measure the results of training, and much more.


Zoho Expense is a travel and expense management platform that provides a one-stop solution for all travel. It streamlines travel management, automates expense reporting, automates credit and corporate card reconciliation, simplifies purchasing requests, manages reimbursements and payments, and offers detailed analytics.

A  c  c  o  u  n  t  i  n  g


Books is Zoho’s online accounting software for business, which offers a number of features to help you manage your finances while staying tax-compliant. Automated workflows include sending estimates, converting estimates into invoices, and collecting payment for invoices. It’s also available for mobile, like many of Zoho’s other apps.


Invoice, Zoho’s online invoicing software, allows businesses to create and manage invoices. The application makes it easy to create professional invoices customized to your brand. Features include automated payment reminders, options to send via SMS, email and client portal, automated recurring invoices, multiple secure payment options, and easy invoice status tracking.


Zoho Subscriptions, recipient of IDC’s 2020 SaaS CSAT Award for Subscription Billing, helps businesses manage their customer subscriptions. Features include automated recurring billing and tax-compliant invoicing, payment processing via PCI-compliant hosted pages, and access to more than 30 analytic reports to track key business metrics.


Inventory is Zoho’s robust online inventory management software. The application offers multichannel inventory management and integrates easily with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. Inventory offers order management, end-to-end tracking, shipping integrations with real-time shipping rates and in-transit details, warehouse management, and seamless integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books for easy syncing.


Zoho Checkout is designed for collecting payments with custom, branded PCI-compliant payment pages with no coding necessary. The pages are designed to fit any screen size across all devices. You can also rest assured that your customers’ credit card information is secure through SSL encryption. The application also offers analytics so you can track how much money you’ve collected.

O  p  e  r  a  t  i  o  n  s


Zoho’s Mail app provides secure email from your business domain hosted on an encrypted, ad-free service. Zoho offers superior security, privacy, and a dependable uptime of 99.9%. Mail is also available as a Mobile app for easy on-the-go communication.


Zoho Cliq is a team communication and collaboration tool similar to Slack. Features include channels, searchable conversations, voice and video call capabilities, task and calendar visibility, and the ability to custom-build bots and create command shortcuts. Zoho’s superior security features also keep your data safe.


Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management platform that can easily be customized for any business. Features include Gantt chart views, easy drag-and-drop task automation, a timesheets module, and smooth integration with Zoho Invoice to automatically generate invoices. The experience is fully customizable and the user-interface is intuitive and offers options for easy-on-the-eyes color themes.


Zoho Sprints is a tool built to simplify agile project management. You can create customized boards to reflect your unique workflow and easily track the progress of sprints in the Scrum Board and Sprint Dashboard. Features include timesheets, a social feed for collaboration, and a bird’s eye view. The application also syncs with code repositories, integrates with CI/CD tools, and provides detailed reports for releases.


Zoho’s TeamInbox allows users to create shared inboxes such as marketing@ or hr@ in order to enhance transparency and collaboration. Zoho’s superior security and encryption ensures secure and private sharing.


WorkDrive is Zoho’s online file management platform. It provides a cloud-based shared space for teams to store and manage their files in order to collaborate more easily. Customizable reports are available for file access stats, audit trails, and other metrics. The application also meets the industry-specific security compliance standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001.


Zoho’s SIgn is a recognized leader in the digital signature application space, holding the gold medal in the E-Signature Data Quadrant by SoftwareReview. The user interface is easy to use and allows users to securely and easily sign, send, and manage documents. The platform also boasts top-level security with military-grade encryption and compliance with the most current e-signature laws, ESIGN and eIDAS.


Vault is a secure password manager that stores passwords for websites and applications and conveniently autofills them. Features include unlimited password storage, the ability to add notes, credit cards, software licenses, SSH keys, and more. An Editors’ choice winner for password managers by, the app is also recognized among the best in its category.


Meeting, Zoho’s online meeting software, can be utilized for video conferencing as well as webinars. Zoho’s secure web conferencing allows you to keep your meetings and webinars protected. Features include the ability to share multiple video feeds or another monitor’s screen during webinars, customized webinar registration forms and emails, and interactive tools such as audience polls, Q&A sessions with your audience, and comprehensive reports.


Zoho Creator is a low-code app development tool. The easy drag-and-drop platform allows you to easily build both simple and complex iOS and Android apps for all devices. Creator offers more than 550 pre-built integrations, and it allows you to automate work processes, access real-time analytics, and add AI to your apps without coding.


Analytics is Zoho’s self-service BI (business intelligence) analytics tool. It is widely used by 2 million users and 13,000 customers, among them top companies like Hewlett Packard, Hyundai, and Ikea. With Analytics, you can turn data into meaningful dashboards and reports with a drag-and-drop interface, connect with a vast number of data sources, choose from an extensive variety of visual components, embed analytics with little or no code, and share insights as stories for easy collaboration.


DataPrep is Zoho’s self-service AI-powered data preparation application. Features include the ability to prepare data from multiple sources, create insightful profile views, apply over 250 transforms and enrich data using AI machine learning, and use rulesets to track every applied transform. It also boasts robust cataloging capabilities.


Zoho’s Flow can help your business automate workflows by connecting all of your apps and building integrations for a free flow of information between all of your technology solutions. You can choose from custom and pre-built flows and create sophisticated, multi-step flows for large series of routine work tasks.

Zoho Implementation Help from Our U.S.-Based Zoho Consulting Experts

If your Zoho software isn’t properly configured for your business, you could be missing out on potential revenue or wasting valuable resources. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a large Fortune 100 company, our software experts will make sure Zoho One is the right fit for you and help you maximize it to its fullest potential.

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